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Sobha Town Park Launch Date

The launch is the most used term in the real estate industry. It carries a great significance in the industry as this is the foremost and prominent step in property development.

Launch Date

This launch term is used in two means which are

  • Pre Launch
  • Soft Launch


This is the very beginning stage of the property initiation where the builder announces the property. In this stage, the approval of the property would not be initiated and just the ground designing would be in process. Tasks like preparing the master plan, collecting all the documents related to the property are all done at this stage.

This stage is not the official launch of the property. This is the perfect phase for the investors to buy this property as they could avail sizeable discounts. At this point, the properties would not see the actual property rather they see the proposed layout and plan. These discounts are given by the builder to spike up the sales count to use the funds for marketing and other promotions.

Soft Launch:

Sobha Town Park

Soft Launch is the stage followed by Pre-launch. At this stage, the approvals are already been processed and waiting for the required approvals. This stage property is quite less at risk compared to Prelaunch projects. This stage property is offered with a 10-15% discount from the actual property price.

Though these Soft Launch projects are considered to be the safer ones for investing since all the documents have been processed and are in process of approvals. However, without the proper RERA approval, even this soft launch project is treated as illegal.

Legal Aspects:

Some of the legal aspects in regards to the pre-launch and soft-launch properties are mentioned below

  • There is absolutely no legal validity on these prelaunch projects and carries a high-risk rate.
  • Whereas the Soft launch property is relatively minor in risks
  • In these types of properties, there wouldn’t be proper regulatory bills. The builder could quote higher prices
  • One should be obtaining proper legal opinions to protect our investments.
  • One should be knowing the whole approval and details of the property to figure out the potential properties.
  • In case if you buy a property at the early stages such as Pre or Soft Launch we should be at least have documentation done in our favour to avoid any risk.
  • And as a global fact choosing the right developer would be the foremost and prominent step in any successful buying.

These Pre-launch and Soft launches are two-way beneficial prospects that aid the builder and the home buyer and investors.

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